Best Old Fashion Cars


The most beautiful Old Cars made ever.Was made by Enzo Ferrari, and by far the most reasonable. Based on the D-Type, the three-wheel-drive Le Mans driver between 1955 and 1957. The E-Type was the Jaguar and a fantastic example of what the British Jaguar produced in automobiles. The elegant and fastest finish of the 60s Ferrari for a third of the price. The best sports car of its time. The E-Type maintains production in the latest media of the last years. This is due in large part to the fact that it changes constantly in the interior without affecting its elegant and drastic appearance from the outside. It means that you will be reconcile with the time, without having to say absolutely nothing. It’s one of the best cooks made in Britain. fashion style and trends


The 911 was the successor of the famous Old Cars 356 in 1963 and was convert into a more spacious and strong development. Porsche originally claimed the 901; The train carries the French or simply Peugeot the right of the car numbers with three digits. While the second digit is ‘0’.

The first 911 arranged with the 2.0 engine. Refrigerated on air and mounted on the track side. On top with only 130 hp, there are tracks of modern Old Cars 911 turbos high with more than 500 hp. As of 911, it has a potential of 50% more than the 356 square meters; because what could be powerful at the moment. With more power on the truck in the last years; The Carrera RS traits its original number 911. Although the original 911 was produce in 1989. The continuous number is high in the Porsche series.


Since no other extreme, an idea and a small one in the Galilee coast, the Land Rover has been converted into traction in the four wheels for which all the tires are exhausted all over the world. Land Rover Old Cars is the carrier in any place, has any vehicle. Engineering jobs and conforms to the vast majority of decades completed in the no. 1 puesto; when it was 4 × 4. All commenced with the 80 ser series 1 in 1948. Maurice Wilks owned a small car now that he had built a completely new vehicle 40 years ago for his era. I attribute capacity and tranquility to Land Rover with the ability to make history while constantly renewing, one of the largest that will never be repeated.


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